Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's Been a Hard Day's Drive, I Should be Sleeping Like a Log

Ouch. Three to five days until I get the magic machine back from the witch doc.

It's the hard drive that was going into failure and will need to be replaced. When he asked if I was under warrantee, I said 'no', feeling like I'd bought the thing ever so long ago. But when he looked it up, I still had 25 days to go on the extended warrantee that I bought when I bought my workhorse machine. So it gets replaced free, but deadlines are blown.

It's kinda like when ya get the flu. You do what you gotta do to get well and deadlines just-have-to-wait. Now's my chance to clean up the studio and organize it.

I've got tons and tons of cool images for you, but they're all sitting in this cute little black box known as an external hard drive—waiting to be plugged back in and shot into the cyber-ether. 

I hope to be able to post up an essay sort of thing in the next day or two, minus pix, cuz some of you appreciate words as well as images.

And if it's only the images that keep you coming back . . . 
well, gee . . . okay, come back in a few days.

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