Monday, October 1, 2012

Demon Battle

I'd like to apologize for several things. First, for being away from blogging on not just this site for the last several days, but also away from my other blogs for really long periods. I'm always belly-aching about back-to-back deadlines, but this last one really hit me hard and wiped me out. I finished it off at 4am on Monday morning after a final 48 hour frenzy to turn out illustrations and cartoons that I should have had a couple of weeks to do, getting it all sent in one hour before the drop-dead deadline. And I've got 2 more killer deadlines these next two weeks. This last one came on me so viciously that I had to just turn my back on everything else. That's no way to live. I've got to make changes in serious ways.

My other apology is to all my cyber friends that have been expecting things from me that I still haven't done—responses, promises, thanks and various other want-to do's. (I know that apostrophe doesn't really belong with that last phrase, but you might wonder what I mean by "dos"). Some of you have sent wonderful things that I'd like to blog about, or provide links to, or respond to. Some of you, I've lost communication with entirely, and I feel really awful about that.

I'm going to make a comeback, I know I will. I just have a few demons to do battle with until then.

John Buscema — Conan Battling the Demons of Hell

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